Welcome to my personal style diary. My name is Liz Okereke (some people call me Izzie). I was born in the UK from two loving parents and raised in Nigeria. So, that makes me British-Nigerian. I am currently based in London.

I totally admit to being a shopaholic, so I started this blog, as a fun way and good place to share some of my favourite clothing items. There’s really not a single word to describe my personal style but I believe it is very versatile, in the sense that I love to play around with lots of different looks. That is, anything from fun to classy and stylish. I also love to be daring with colours and patterns every now and then. As some of you may know, colours and patterns are a big part of fashion and culture in Nigeria.

I love learning and trying out new things and I’m inspired by the people I meet, so in turn I hope I can inspire petite girls like myself and other body types with my different ideas.

Enjoy reading my blog and I hope you stick around x

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