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Hello fashionistas,
Welcome to the wonderful new year of 2019! Yesss! we made it!! So amazing! I trust you all had a decent holiday? Mine was a good balance between getting good rest and attending a number of weddings/events/dinners. Over all, I would say I had a lovely time over the holiday. Is it just me or did January go out like a light? Lol either way, I’m hoping you’ve all managed to settle into the new year nicely and are all feeling motivated to achieve those goals you’ve set.
I’m so excited to see how things will play out this year as I’ve moved to Nigeria for a year. Sometimes a change of environment helps in different areas of your life and it took time and prayers to make this decision, so I believe 2019 is going to be an interesting year.
Today I’m sharing my take on mixing prints at this cute retro looking cafe located in New GRA, Port Harcourt.
I’ve always considered trying out this trend but never gotten around to it.
I went for a retro scarf print top from a clothing store here in Port Harcourt called Retrocode. It’s usually my go to store for retro pieces whenever I’m down here. I’m not sure how up to date some of you are with the summer/spring trends for 2019 but the silk scarf print is a huge contributor this season as well as mixing of different prints which I particularly find interesting.
I paired it up with these Palazzo pants which I got as a co-ord set from Pretty little thing. If you remember, I styled these pants a year and a half ago here.
Mixing prints can be a little tricky as it can sometimes look like there’s a lot going on and I believe it’s more for people that enjoy been daring with fashion. I definitely fit into that category, which is why I had fun putting this outfit together.
I believe the easiest way to get it right is by choosing a piece and picking one colour you would like to work with from your chosen piece, as the print may consist of a couple or more colours. However, when you’ve picked a colour to work with, you’re probably better off pairing it with another mixed print piece that has a little bit of the colour you chose. It probably sounds a little confusing so  I’ll use the outfit to break it down a bit more.

Here I styled the scarf print top and I chose to work with the turquoise colour on it.  If you look closely (or in this case you may need to zoom in), you can see a bit of the turquoise colour on the pants which is why I decided to pair both prints together. I hope it makes more sense now that I’ve given you a visual example.

In my opinion, this is the easiest way to pull off this trend. I also like the idea of mixing stripes with polka dots or Ankara. I think it looks very playful and fun.
I also paired my outfit with some nude shoes. You know I’m all about heels. However, I felt like wearing flats here which you can only see a little of as the trousers are covering most of it. My favourite thing about these shoes is the colour of course and the bow at the top. It’s such a comfy pair and they’re easy to clean since they’re made of plastic.
To complete the look, I accessorised with a black cross body bag, a pair of retro cat eye sunglasses and a pair of safety pin earrings along with my go to rings.
I’m such a huge fan of cute cosy spaces and wood house cafe fits into that category nicely. I’ve come here quite a number of times with friends and sometimes on my own when I just want to get away to do some work on my computer. They’ve got free WiFi which is a plus.
They serve a range of food and drinks including burgers, panini’s, sandwiches, hot drinks, cocktails, mocktails and soft drinks Although I haven’t tried much of the food but I tried the special fried rice which was decent. I’ve also had a few of the mocktails which were also nice. I can’t remember what the one in these photos is called.
There’s an outdoor spot where they sometimes play board games. There’s also a roof top area right on top which is nice in the evenings. I avoid going there during the day as it can be really hot at that time.
Generally, I love the ambience and the layout. As some of you already know, I have a thing for anything retro.
My only reservation is that the service is a bit slow and I also feel some of the staff are not very up to date with the menu. But all in all it’s a cool spot to hang out.

With regards to my hair, I’ve always wanted to try Bantu knots and thought it would be perfect to incorporate into the retro look and to add some Afrocentric flavour. It’s also a cool protective style. I love doing protective styles every now and then, mainly cause my hair is natural. I also get bored easily so I like to try out different styles whenever I get the chance to.

That being said, this is my first post of the year. I hope you all enjoyed the content I put out last year and I hope you stick around for even better content this year. It was so lovely getting to know some of you personally last year and I hope to get to know more of you in the future. Thanks for the continuous support and for being part of the Izziederouge family.
Have a beautiful year and enjoy the rest of the week.
Lots of love,
If you’re in Port Harcourt or have visited Port Harcourt, have you visited Woodhouse Cafe? What are your thoughts on it? And if no, will you be visiting at some point?

Are you a fan of protective hair styles and would you ever rock Bantu knots?

What are your thoughts generally on mixing prints?

Let me know in the comment box below. Would love to know your thoughts and feedback.

Photographed by Austin Iwuoha 

What I’m wearing:
Sunglasses- Asos
Shoes- Somewhere in Abuja
Jewellery- Topshop
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