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Hello fashionistas!
Today I’ll be sharing 10 wardrobe essentials that I believe every woman should have.
Summer has finally come to an end. It’s always such a sad time for me as I’m all for the hot weather and cute summer outfits. Although summer may be over, I’m looking forward to the fashion this fall. That’s always my favourite thing about fall.
I’m currently doing a massive wardrobe clear out as I feel I’ve accumulated a lot since my last clear out, which was probably about two years ago. It’s always a good idea to declutter  every now and then, as it helps to create a more functional wardrobe and makes you aware of the pieces that you don’t actually need. So I thought I would share some of my wardrobe basics with you.

The good thing about having these basic pieces is that you can easily pair them together and style them differently. That’s why I refer to them as essentials.

Once you’ve got the basics right, you can choose to add in pieces from your favourite trends to make your wardrobe more interesting. I tend to go overboard with this and end up buying items that I may not wear or only wear once. I’m no expert at this and I’m still learning but if you’re like me that’s in the middle of a clear out and wanting to create a more functional wardrobe, it helps to stop for a few seconds while you’re out shopping, to ask yourself these questions; Do I need these items? How often can I wear them? How easily can they be paired with other items in my closet?

1. Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are a piece I believe you can’t live without. I personally prefer my skinny jeans ripped and high waisted and my reason for this, is that high waisted jeans accentuate your figure more and I also feel they make your legs appear longer. I also love them ripped, as they make your look less boring. Ripped jeans generally make your outfit more stylish and edgy. My favourite pair are from Topshop, Levi, Fashion Nova, Miss Selfridge and Zara. The Joni jeans from Topshop always fit me perfectly and I would recommend this one and the one from Fashion Nova specifically for high waisted skinny jeans. I absolutely love the fit of Fashion Nova jeans. In terms of colour, I recommend you start off with dark to mid blue, grey or black. I’ve linked some of them below to get you started.

mid blue jeansblue skinny jeansblack ripped joni jeansgrey fashion nova jeans

2. White blouse

You’ll wear this forever! It’s definitely a must have, as you can pretty much wear it with almost anything. I can’t imagine not having a white blouse in my wardrobe. It’s chic nature allows you to pair it up with jeans for a more casual look or with pants for a more formal look. It can also be paired with a skirt  and worn underneath a jumper, depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. I personally prefer my white shirts having a loose/relaxed fit so if you’re like me, I would recommend going a size bigger to achieve the oversized blouse look. Depending on your mood, you can either have your blouse tucked in or wear it loosely over your jeans or skirt.  It’s an easy piece to style for both work wear and of course for a casual day time look. Zara, H&M, And Other Stories  and Asos are my recommendations for the perfect white blouse.

white oversized and other stories shirthm white blousewhite oversized poplin shirt

3. Nude pumps/ heels

I definitely pick nude heels over black heels. I try to limit the amount of black in my wardrobe, as I feel black may come off a bit harsh sometimes. I have days where i’m in the mood for an all black look but you’ll catch me in nude way more than you would in black. I prefer nude because it helps you achieve a softer look and I find that I can pair it easily with a lot of pieces. I recommend Kurt Geiger, Dune and Aldo and if you don’t mind spending a bit more then you can also get a pair from Christian Louboutin and Valentino. I suggest going for a heel height between 3-4.5 inches for a daily look, to give you the needed comfort. You can also use gel insoles for added comfort, especially if you decide to go higher. However, I always try to find one’s that have a nice cushion.

Nude Rockstud valentino heels kurt geiger heelscarvela heels


4. Statement pants

I love me a good a pair of statement trousers. By statement trousers I don’t mean over the top statement. You want to make a statement but at the same time you also want them to be wearable. My favourite statement pants right now are check/plaid pants. I’m obsessed with anything plaid. I like to go for high waisted pants, as the high-waist fit makes the pants super flattering. But I also like pants with the wide leg cut as well as straight cut. It mainly depends on my mood. I would recommend you start off with high waisted pants if you can and then you can gradually build up your trouser collection with other cuts and fits. asos check trousersasos plaid pantszara tartan pantsasos heritage pants

5. Camel/ Beige Coat

By now, you should be able to tell I’m a fan of neutral tones. White and Nude Shades are actually my favourite colours when it comes to clothes. Like the nude pumps, a Camel coat creates a softer look and I personally feel it goes better with more outfits than black does. Add some warmth to your closet with a camel or beige coat. I normally go for a long straight cut coat or a long waterfall coat. I’m also a real fan of a classic beige trench coat, which should definitely be in your closet if you prefer a shorter coat. You can also change up your look with your camel coat by wearing a belt over it.

Very Camel coat La Redoute camel coat camel coat

6. Knitted Sweater

Knits are a necessity especially during transition period, which is currently happening and in Autumn and Winter. There are lots of different styles out there but my personal recommendation is a Roll Neck jumper, as it also keeps your neck warm and you don’t have to wear a scarf over it. In terms of colour, I would start off with a white, nude or grey jumper with loose a fit.

You can also tuck it into your trousers or jeans, or depending on how long the jumper is, you can wear it as a jumper dress with knee high stockings and over the knee/knee high boots or ankle boots. For a touch of Parisian Chicness, you can wear a Beret with this outfit. Who says you can’t look stylish while keeping warm?

na-kd roll neck sweater grey roll neck sweaterbeige roll neck sweaternude roll neck sweater

7. Beige or Nude Clutch/ Cross Body Bag

I only just discovered that I own a nude cross body bag. Lol. That’s why wardrobe clear outs are important, as i probably wouldn’t have known if I didn’t. Whether you decide to go for a cross body or a clutch style, try to find one that can fit everything you need on a daily basis. For example, your little makeup essentials, wallet, mirror, phone and keys. The perfect size would be one that’s big enough for night time as well as day time. As long as it fits all the stuff you need, then your good to go.

ysl nude baggucci nude cross body bagaldo nude bagcarvela nude cross body bag


8. White Trainers

I absolutely love white trainers. I find it’s easier to pair outfits with white trainers than with black trainers. You can wear them with so much and they come in handy for a more laid back or comfy look, as it’s not everyday you may be in the mood for heels. They also give you a softer look, whereas, a black pair would give you a harsh finish in comparison to the white. My favourite brands to get trainers from are Adidas, Nike, Reebok and Sketchers.

adidas white stan smith trainersreebok white trainerswhite Nike trainers


9. Flattering Dress

This is where the importance of a little black dress plays its part. This piece should not be missing from your closet, as you can wear this dress to work, brunch or even to cocktails in the evening. That it’s black, doesn’t mean it should be boring. Ideally, it should be flattering and should be able to be worn everywhere. If it’s slightly open at the back like the one’s I linked below, you can simply wear a blazer over it to work and take off the blazer after work.

tfnc black dressblack blazer dresstfnc karen black dresstfnc black midi dress



10. Black Sunglasses

Don’t commit the crime of not owning a pair of black sunglasses. They go well with any outfit and always add a cool touch to whatever you decide to wear it with. They definitely make your outfit more stylish and interesting. Although, they’re essentially for summer, it’s an accessory that can be worn all year round, no matter what the weather is like. It’s definitely a must-have. My favourite pair are the cat eye and Angular Wayferer shaped Ray-Bans and most of my sunglasses are from Asos.

rayban sunglasses

I hope you found this helpful for finding your wardrobe essentials and for curating a more functional wardrobe? Let me know if you feel  I’ve missed anything out in the comment box.

Thanks for stopping by


Liz xx

Photographed by Graham Land

What I’m wearing:
Top- Forever 21

Skirt- Miss Selfridge

Heels- Freemoda

Bum bag- Boohoo (Here)

Sunnies- Asos

Earrings/ Rings- Topshop

Wrist Candy- Somewhere in Lagos

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