Two Staples You Need in Your Wardrobe from the 20’s and 80’s trend

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It’s the second week in February and I felt it would be perfect to share on two staples needed in your closet this season.
I’m such a sucker for anything old school. Two of my favourite decades are the 20’s and 60’s and I’ve been obsessed with the fashion and lifestyle in these decades since I was a little girl. The 80’s trend is so hot right now. From slip dresses to structured shoulder pad jackets and dresses. And now we’ve also got these cute bum bags to add more coolness to your outfit. I’m a 90’s baby and I remember vividly wearing bum bags when I was younger. And now they’re back 🙂
I love how fashion is constantly evolving but never completely gets rid of trends. Those outfits or accessories we stop seeing as cool or trendy eventually become cool again.
The bum bag is the it bag now and definitely one to grab, especially if you’re looking to change up your bag game and also give the cross body bags and ruck sacks a break. You can wear it with almost anything casual.
Some people refer to bum bags as fanny packs. Don’t ask lol.
Another staple you should totally add to your closet is the baker boy hat also known as the page boy or news boy hat. But I like baker boy better so I’m sticking with that 😉 It was really popular in the 20’s and takes me back to those child hood days of reading books like Oliver Twist. It was mainly worn by men and little boys of all social classes back in the 20’s and you would normally get upper class or wealthy men wear them to leisure activities like golf. On the other hand you would also find lower/middle class people like farmers, tradesmen, news boys and beggars wearing them. And this is where Oliver Twist comes in lol. I was stuck between getting a leather one or a plaid one and eventually chose the plaid one, as I feel it’s different and plaid is also trending right now. Plaid definitely adds flavour and statement to any outfit.
I paired my bum bag and baker boy hat with this royal blue turtle neck jumper which I’ve had for sometime now. It’s such good quality and always keeps me warm during winter because of its thick texture. Let’s talk about colour. I’m generally in love with blue and royal blue has got to be my favourite shade right now. It pops so nicely against any skin tone.
I also wore a black mid length faux leather skirt with some black leather/suede stiletto boots. I’ve had these boots for a couple of years and I’ve barely worn them. I like the touch of faux fur at the top and the heel height is about 6 inches, however they’re quite comfortable once you break into them.
I accessorised lightly with a rose gold Anne Klein watch which I absolutely love, along with some statement rings and my to go sunglasses. (All listed below)
I hope you love this outfit just as much as I do. What do you love most about this look? And will you be adding any of these staples to your closet? Let me know in the comment box below. As always thanks for stopping by 🙂
Have a lovely week xx

Photographed by Graham Land

Boots- Justfab
Hat- Topshop (here)
Sunnies- Asos
Jumper- River Island
Skirt/Rings- Topshop
Bumbag- PrettyLittleThing (here)
Watch- Anne Klein
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