Tips on Attending and Surviving London Fashion Week

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A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was putting some content together about my experience at London Fashion Week and I apologise that it’s taken this long.

London Fashion Week was such a great experience and it’s definitely one of the most  exciting seasons for fashion lovers such as bloggers, journalists, the press, designers, buyers etc. I’m sure a lot of you saw highlights of the shows I attended on my Instagram and Snapchat stories.

My favourite collections were from the designers at the ‘Stories from Morocco’ show, which consisted of a variety of designers showcasing their collections, which all had a Moroccan twist. All the designs from these collections were very beautiful and dreamy and I can definitely see myself wearing most of them.

At fashion week you get to attend shows alongside very influential people in the industry such as Naomi Campbell, Karl Lager field, Cara Delevigne to name a few.

Prior to this year, I had so much wanted to attend London fashion week for years but I didn’t really know how, as it is an invite only event, meaning you can’t buy tickets to the shows. So I thought it would be helpful to share some tips and advice with you all, on how to attend shows in case anyone has a similar desire as I did.

First off, it’s worth noting that Fashion Week consists of fashion shows from a wide selection of designers who are required to apply to showcase their collections for that time/season of the year. It is from Fashion Week that we get trend inspiration for the following season and this is where you get to see how creative each designer is. Fashion week happens twice a year; in September and February. Consequently the September show brings us the new trends for the next Spring/Summer season and the February show brings us the new trends for the next Fall (Autumn) season.

Who can attend London fashion week?
London fashion week normally holds at the Somerset House in London and anyone can access the surroundings of this facility. You don’t need to be a designer, blogger, journalist or part of the press to go to Fashion Week. Many photographers just stay outside the Somerset house and Freemasons’ hall to take photos of different fashionistas outside the building. There are also a lot of fashionistas that just turn up to have their picture taken. You never know, your picture may just land in vogue 😉 . So if you’re new to blogging this is also a perfect time for your camera to come in handy.
Attending shows
Like I mentioned previously, it is an invite only event. So normally you would have to apply directly to as many designers as possible to get an invite. Both the London Fashion Week and fashion scout website provide a list of all the designers showcasing at Fashion Week along with their contact information. You’re required to send an email to the designers you would like to see by introducing yourself and also mentioning why you should attend.

Honestly speaking, it is a bit difficult getting tickets to the shows. However, I found that it’s easier to get tickets from people that work in PR or for magazines etc. As much as I find it great to attend fashion events for the fashion aspect, it’s also very important to network with the people at these events, as it allows you to meet and build relationships with the different cadres across the fashion industry. In my opinion, this is the easiest way to get tickets, and it’s the approach that worked for me.

You should try to relax and relate with the people you meet and talk about your blog if you’re a blogger. Having business cards could also come in handy, to ensure that they don’t forget you.

During fashion week you will be attending shows back to back, as shows take place all over the city at different venues, so you will be travelling a lot. It’s a very busy period so be sure to wear comfortable shoes and carry the essentials that you need.


What to bring to London Fashion Week
A Camera
This is a must bring, as there will be lots to photograph including the models on the catwalk, fashionistas inside and outside the building, as well in the surroundings. A professional camera is always best for high quality images. However, if you don’t have one, then you can use what you’ve got until you can afford one.
I don’t have a professional camera yet, as I’m still working on getting a really good one. But it would definitely be a Canon or Nikon, as they both take really great photos.
If you don’t have a camera, you could always ask a friend or better still, bring your friend along to the shows and you can both have fun taking photos of each other. If you’re a pro blogger, you could ask your photographer to accompany you to the shows in order to take some shots of you and other things you may want photographed.
Phone and Charger/Power bank
You definitely want to bring a phone that’s fully charged. But like I mentioned earlier, you will be attending back to back shows, so you will be using your phone quite a lot for quick selfies, perhaps with Jourdan Dunn or Naomi Campbell 😉 . You’ll also need it to update your social media e.g Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter, so that your followers cab experience fashion week with you. You may also need it to take some quick notes during the show e.g ideas for your next blog post or outfit inspirations and designs.
A nice red or burgundy lip will do. These are my absolute favourites. Alternatively, you could go for a less bold colour like nude. My top lipstick shades during fashion week were Rebel like I’m wearing in these photos, Rubby woo and Twig (all from MAC cosmetics) But of course you can wear whatever shade you like. Just chuck your favourite lipstick into your bag so you can always touch up your lips during the fast-paced days.
This is definitely an essential for when it’s sunny and your constantly on the go, either walking or catching cabs to the numerous show locations. It’s also a great accessory to add to your outfit while your seated at the shows or taking photos. Don’t you just love how bad ass Anna Wintour looks with her sunglasses in the front row?
My recommendation would be a nice cool pair of Ray-Bans like this one here
Some nice statement heels will keep you looking stylish through out the day. But you want to make sure that the heels you choose to wear are comfortable, as you will be walking around a lot. In this case, block heels would probably be a better choice than stilettos. But if you really must wear stilettos you can put a light pair of flats in your bag as back up.
Finally, I recommend carrying a pretty bag that’s not too small or too big. A medium sized bag is great. Either a hand held bag or a cross shoulder bag that you can fit all your essentials into.
Your Fashion Week Outfit
You can wear whatever you want. As long as it is stylish and you feel comfortable in it. Just don’t show up wearing a track suit or dressed like you’re going to a party and you’re good to go. You can wear pants, a nice dress or a jumpsuit, whatever suits you best. It would also be great if you wear something that’s currently trending, like what I’m wearing. As you already know, red is probably one of the biggest trends this fall, so I went for these gorgeous red flared trousers and a black bodysuit with a black duster coat and some heels. A black Vinyl jacket would have looked equally nice with this outfit.
I hope this was helpful for anyone interested in going to the next London fashion week or future ones. If you have any further questions about London Fashion Week or feel I haven’t touched on a particular area, please feel free to share in the comment box below. Reading your comments always helps me improve the content I create for you guys and everyone could learn a thing or two from your questions. So don’t hold back 🙂
Photography- By courtesy of David Nyanzi, Graham Land, Abdel Abdulai and Liz Ogbonna
Bodysuit/Duster coat- here and here
Heels- Zara
Bag- Valentino
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