Blue Vibes

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blue vibes

Fall season is slowly creeping in on us and it’s that time where we start to say good bye to the tiny tops and shorts till next year. It’s always such an emotional time for me. However, as much as I love summer, I’m looking forward to seeing what different designers have up their sleeves for us this fall.¬†

Fall has got to be my favourite time of the year, as I feel the designs are a lot more creative at this time.
Now that fashion week is almost here, I wanted to share one of the trends that I feel stands out.
Looks like there’s gonna be loads of different shades of blue hitting the stores soon. From dusky to turquoise blue. Like Vogue phrased it ‘fifty shades of blue’.
Today I went for a custom made turquoise blue cape jacket and pants. My favourite piece from this outfit is the cape jacket of course. I’ve always wanted one and finally got my hands on this one. I love the way it flows when I walk. It kinda makes me feel like a super hero lol.
I also wore a white lace bodysuit from pretty little thing and some nude Kurt Geiger heels. One of my many 6 inch heels. I’m definitely a heel girl ūüėČ I accessorised lightly with my multicoloured clutch from Zara and a bit of jewellery (all listed below)
Another trend I love is the all red look. I wasn’t really a big fan when I saw it at first but and then I took a second glance and saw how Kendal Jenner wore it on the runway. I fell in love instantly. She killed it on that runway. I’m definitely gonna be doing a blog post for that soon.
This outfit is perfect for evening time and it’s also a great way to stand out.
Send me a message or drop a comment below if you would like to get the cape jacket and pants. I would also love your feedback on this look so let me know your thoughts.
Have a great weekend guys xx

Photos by Rafal Biniszewski


                                                                                      Jacket/PantsРCustom made



                                                                                       HeelsKurt Geiger


                                                                                       Wrist candyBimba Y Lola

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