Khaki at Golden Hour

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Hello beautiful people! I believe you’re all having a great week 🙂 If you aren’t, hopefully this post will help put a smile on your face. Also, it’s almost the weekend. woop woop! Another reason to smile. I normally do some shopping or just add stuff to my wish list when I’m having a bad day. It helps to cheer me up and helps take my mind off things.

This week I decided to try something new, which is shooting at golden hour. Simply put, golden hour is the time period just after sunrise and just right before sunset. I’ve always wanted to shoot at golden hour cause it normally looks so good in photos. I’ve probably just done this once on holiday in Spain, right before sunset.

The light at golden hour is so pretty and it provides you with lovely warm light for your photos. Naturally sunlight is white light, however when the sun is close to the horizon, It produces warm orange tones and sometimes red, as you can see in some of the photos.The light and shadow produced at this time is normally softer due to less direct light from the sun and more of indirect light from the sky. In other words the sky acts as a light diffuser at this point in time. It’s quite difficult taking pictures during the day when the sun is out, as the light produced is normally really harsh, and I’m sure most of you can relate. On the other hand, the light at golden hour is less harsh, which makes it the perfect time to shoot. When that natural light hits that highlighter on your cheek bones, your glow will certainly put those haters in their place 😉 I’m so here for the glow. Highlighters have got to be the best beauty trend out there.


I chose to wear this lovely khaki green satin co-ord from Missguided. It came out so good when the light hit it and I believe part of the reason for that is because of its satin texture. It’s actually on sale now so I’ve put some direct links to it at the bottom of this post. I also love the way this shade of purple looks against khaki green so I went for this purple bow shaped bag I got a while back from MissSelfridge. I didn’t want to overdo it with the colours so I went for a black bodysuit and some suede brown and nude heels from Zara (also old). What I really love about the co-ord, is that you can style it in different ways. You can wear the cold shoulder blazer with a different pair of pants or the split wide leg pants with a different top or blazer. It’s pretty versatile.

I will definitely be shooting at golden hour more often. I would love to know your thoughts as always, so comment in the box below.

Stay beautiful and enjoy the rest of the week xx

Photos by JJ Jordan

Blazer- Here

    Trousers- Here

           Bag- Missselfridge

Heels- Zara

       Rings- Topshop

               Watch- MichaelKors

                      Sunglasses- RiverIsland

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